Creators of original CFNM stories, images and Femdom Erotica

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Creators of Original CFNM stories, Images and Femdom Erotica

ALANIAS was established in 2007 by the writer and academic, Alania Dawes with the aim to create innovative CFNM and Femdom erotica that explores and celebrates sophisticated female sexuality and the sexual objectification of men.

This vision remains today - to inspire original thinking through a deeper understanding of sexuality and gender relationships. ALANIAS challenges mainstream interpretations of human behaviour, it questions orthodoxy and within its published work offers alternative truths to those masqueraded through the mainstream media.

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ALANIAS creates original digital images for CFNM stories, animations and Femdom comix and erotica

Based in the U.K, ALANIAS is the leading independent producer of graphic female focused animated digital drama and comprises a global network of actors and contributors centred around its Second Life production studios.

ALANIAS annually produces over 500 original digital images and is the sole distributor of the Alania Dawes Archive. We enjoy an innovative worldwide membership and specialise in the creation, development, production, marketing, and distribution of original animated graphic drama.



Welcome to ALANIAS the home of virtual CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) and Femdom fantasy. A magical virtual world where exceptional actors, perform extraordinary multi-layered screenplay, to create stunning Femdom erotica.

Find out who we are, what we do and discover the drama that we create.

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